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Lonoke Elementary School

Sissy Fletcher 501-676-3787


What is a school counselor ?

Add Mrs. Fletcher to your list of people you can turn to when you need help.  She knows how to listen and can help you with life’s challenges.  All counselors have special training in how to help kids solve problems, make decisions, and stand up for themselves. 


What do I do if I need to see Mrs. Fletcher, the counselor?

*I can ask to go to her office

*I can stop by her office at recess

*My teacher can send me

*My parent can request a meeting

*The Counselor can invite me to her office


What will the appointment/visit be like?

Mrs. Fletcher likes to meet with students in the privacy of her office.  Don’t worry that you need to know exactly what’s bothering you.  You may just be feeling bad or not doing as well in school as you know you can—and that’s okay.  Mrs. Fletcher will try to help you figure out what’s going on and when you do, she will have ideas for how to make things better.


Will Mrs. Fletcher keep a secret?

It’s important to know that if you meet with  Mrs. Fletcher, your conversation will be  private.  She isn’t going to go blabbing your personal business around the school.  However, there are some cases when she can’t keep it a secret—if Mrs. Fletcher thinks that you or someone else is at risk of being harmed.  But even then, she would share that information only with the people who need to know.


Won’t kids think I’m in trouble?

Your appointment with Mrs. Fletcher could happen during the day when classmates might notice you’re gone or it could take place at recess.  What you choose to say about it is your decision.  Most kids love to leave class to see Mrs. Fletcher.  Her office is cool and comfortable with lots of games, puzzles, and books.  It looks like a den just for kids.   You’re never in trouble when you go to see Mrs. Fletcher.  Her job isn’t to get you into trouble.  Her job is to keep you out of trouble.

What does Mrs. Fletcher do?

In addition to helping kids with problems, guidance counselors help kids learn about: 

*Study skills

*Friendship skills

*Drug/alcohol education


*Diversity and respect for others


*Divorce/Family Changes

*Death and Grief

*Conflict Resolution

*Anger Management/Self-Control

*Self Esteem

*Character Education

Mrs. Fletcher visits with students in whole classroom settings, small group settings, and individually to tackle these issues.


What other jobs does Mrs. Fletcher do?

*Parent Conferences

*Consultation with teachers and Staff

*Special Education screenings and Referrals

*SPRINT Team Chair

*Coordinate for State Testing

*Station LES

*Student Council/Ambassadors

*Leadership Team

*Crisis Team

*Assist with quarterly rallies

*Classroom observations

*Peer Mediator Coordinator

*Transition to Middle School