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  • Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Pick Up Times for 2021-2022 School Year

    LPS - 7:30 Drop Off and 3:15 Pick Up

    LES - 7:30 Drop Off and 3:15 Car Riders, 3:20 STARS and Walkers, 3:25 Bus

    LMS - 7:30 Drop Off and 3:25 Pick Up

    LHS - 7:30 Drop Off and 3:30 Pick Up



    School Supply Lists for 6th, 7th and 8th Grade

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    Free Student Breakfast every school day from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. served in the school cafeteria 

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  • Regularly Scheduled School Board Meeting


    The regularly scheduled school board meeting will be held on Thursday, December 9th at 6:00 p.m. at the Administration building.



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  • Baptist Health UAMS Lonoke School Clinic

    Baptist Health UAMS Lonoke School Clinic information

    Baptist Health My Chart Information

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    District Mission (Why we exist.  Our fundamental purpose): The mission of the Lonoke School District is to create an environment that provides all students with academic skills and responsible citizenship.

    District Vision (What it looks like): 

    Our Students

    Our students will master core knowledge, skills, and competencies and will extend them into real-world situations that reflect expected depth and breadth for college and careers.

    Our students will value collaboration and teamwork and will use related skills to build consensus, solve problems, and increase output.

    Our students will display leadership in and out of the classroom, take initiative, and use feedback for improved results.

    Our students will successfully complete internships, apprenticeships, and service learning projects to acquire marketable skills and demonstrate their readiness for college and careers.  

    Our students will pursue interests and future aspirations by building a marketable college/career portfolio that reflects required mastery and commitment.

    Our students will demonstrate the speaking, listening, and writing skills needed for success in college and careers.  

    Our Staff

    Success for every student in all of our schools will be at the forefront of every conversation.  We will always promote what is best for our students in preparing them for careers and college work.  We are committed to teaching critical life skills along with required content.    

    Classroom instruction will be highly engaging and will reflect high expectations for all students and include project-based learning, hands-on activities, real-world experiences, and opportunities for the application of skills.  

    We will build the capacity of our students to discover their interests and aspirations and pursue them through encouragement, support, and skill-building.  We will provide opportunities for students to build networks to support their aspirations and interests.  Available technological tools will be provided to match students with interests, build capacity for networking, and prepare students for careers and college.  

    All learners and parents are important to us as demonstrated by our commitment to build relationships, trust, and respect. We will provide an environment for all students that is Intellectually and physically safe.  Regard for differences and opinions will be encouraged with a focus on reasonableness, mutual respect, and adherence to organizational expectations.

    We believe that students should take responsibility for outcomes and will demonstrate the same by teaching and modeling personal accountability and  ownership for outcomes.  We will model expected behaviors (i.e. personal accountability, work ethic, respect, ongoing learning,, effective communication, and self-management) to prepare our students for college and careers.

    Learners acquire mastery of knowledge, skills, and competencies at different paces, in diverse time frames, through various pathways, and in different places.  Our students will have access to learning tools and will be afforded options in learning pathways to build ownership for outcomes and to ensure the best fit for each student.

    Our curriculum, instruction, and assessment will be rigorous, relevant, aligned, and seamless with clear connections across grades and schools.

    Lonoke School District Military Education Coordinator Col. Gordon McCoy
    Email Col. McCoy or call 501-676-6517
    Col. Gordon McCoy, Lonoke School District Military Education Coordinator
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