Lonoke Business Academy

George Washington Carver Campus

Welcome to the Lonoke Business Academy!

  • The Lonoke Business Academy - Carver Campus is a skills-based education center where high school students are equipped with skills needed for career success. This includes careers on a college pathway, post-secondary training schools, and careers leading straight to the workforce. Through the Business Academy, students from Lonoke and nearby towns have the opportunity to gain skills in the following areas: Industrial Technology, Diesel Technology, Agriculture, Aquaculture, & Health Professions.

    The Business Academy is a 30,000 sqft building that includes classrooms, laboratories, an auditorium, and meeting spaces. It is under a partnership with ASU Beebe. The Academy is being supported by a millage which was passed by the City of Lonoke in 2020.

    A 12,000 sqft school-based medical clinic is connected with the Academy. The clinic is supported through a partnership with the Baptist Health/UAMS Family Medicine Residency Program. It is staffed with at least one doctor & medical residents and is open to students, staff, & the Lonoke community. The clinic will offer support to the Health Professions program of study at the Business Academy by providing real-world applications and experience for students who are pursuing careers in healthcare.