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    Name: Jamie Henley, Lonoke Elementary School
    Email Address: www.Jamie.Henley@lonokeschools.org 
    Phone number: 501-676-6740

    2019-20 School Year 
    Hello, my name is Mrs. Henley and I am starting my 16th year at Lonoke Public School District.  I have taught keyboarding and other computer classes at the 7th and 8th grade level at LMS for 7 years.  I then moved to high school and taught there for 4 years, teaching Computerized Business Applications(CBA) and Keyboarding/Word Processing as well as being an FBLA advisor at both schools.  With a change in business education, classes moved to the lower grade levels in the last 7 years, I was excited to take on the challenge 5 years ago and continue it this year at LES to ensure the students are getting the basic knowledge of technology.  Because I taught at the upper 2 levels, I know what skills they will need to make them successful in their future technology classes at middle and high school.
                                                                                   Computer 101

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    I stay connected to my parents and students by a website that allows me to send out text messages to anyone that signs up for my classes.  It is called Remind101 and here's more about it.  Of course, this website will have information on it too that you can use.
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    Keyboarding 3-4 class is to go to this site and join.   http://tinyurl.com/omvpk9u

    Input Technologies Grade 5 - go to this side and join.  http://tinyurl.com/p6qjozb
    Class DOJO
     I use Class DOJO to connect to parents and students too.  The homeroom teachers share their classroom with me and I can send messages to you that way also.  I also use this system for positive and negative behavior points.  
    Keyboarding 3-4th grade:  

    Students will be introduced  to touch-key typing on a computer keyboard and learn proper finger placement to type.  They will also learn how to log in to the computer and the website we use for typing and how to log off both.  They will be taught the basic computer equipment parts names and basic function of each.  This will be done through a typing software program enhanced by instructional games and fun activities.  Speed of typing will not be expected at this level, this is strictly an introduction course of learning the keyboard keys and computer parts.  Students will meet in this class once a week as an activity class at LES. Outside practice will be encouraged to aid in their learning since they only meet once a week.  Internet safety is also taught in this class.

    Input Technologies 5th Grade:

    Students will learn the necessary foundation skills of the computer hardware and software, a review of keyboarding from last year, Internet Safety, basic Microsoft Word formatting skills, file management as well as a presentation software program such as Microsoft Powerpoint.  This class meets once a week as an activity class at LES.   Outside practice will be encouraged, if available, to aid in their learning since they only meet once a week.  The state department of Business Education revamped business education classes and made a move to transition them down to the elementary level 6 years ago. This move is to better prepare our students for the increasing number of jobs requiring computer skills.  Business classes will be changing at the middle and high school level over the next few years to incorporate this transition. I feel this is a great move and embrace it with enthusiasm.  Our children are on computers as toddlers and they need to know the correct way to use them.  Internet safety is also taught to them in this class. In the future, they may be the ones creating apps and new forms of technology!

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    3-4th Grade Keyboarding Teacher
    5th Grade Input Technologies Teacher 
    ESL & RTI 3-5th Grade Teacher 
    IC3 Certified &
    National Board Certified Teacher 2010

    Mrs. Henley