• Welcome to JROTC. This course is designed to teach values associated with responsible citizenship. You will learn and apply leadership and human relations skills,communication skills, and an appreciation for teamwork and self-discipline. Emphasis is placed upon integrity, responsibility, and respect for each other and authority.

    PREREQUISITE:  You should be a student in good standing in the Lonoke School District in the 11th through 12th grades and at least 15 years old. You must be physically qualified to participate in the schools physical education program, and your parents must sign a statement of health. Also, you must be of good moral character and maintain acceptable standards of conduct. You must pass each Learning Education and Training (LET) level to progress to the next higher.

    TEXT and EQUIPMENT: Your primary text will be provided by the US Army and a classroom set of the texts will be available to you. Additionally, you will be provided a“Cadet Guide” which you will keep while you are in JROTC. Uniforms and basic equipment will be provided at no expense to you. Periodic cleaning of the uniforms is at the individual’s expense. 

    ATTENDANCE AND CONDUCT: You should plan to attend all classes on time. The Lonoke School attendance policy will be enforced. Additionally, the following rules shall be followed:

    • Bring ALL required materials to each class each day. (See Rules for the Classroom for listing)
    • Be in your assigned seat or in formation when the bell rings.
    • During the class,obtain permission before speaking or leaving your seat.
    • Wear appropriate clothing. No baggy/saggy pants & no hats. (See student handbook)
    • Respect othersand be polite. (The best way to be respected is to be RESPECTABLE)
    • Respect the property of others. (If it does not belong to you or has not been issued to you, get permission before you touch it)
    • Maintain a learning attitude!!! ( Participate, ask questions & challenge yourself)
    • It is YOUR education, get the most from it you can.

    GRADING:  You will have quizzes and exams through out the subject module. Quizzes and exams will be a combination of written,true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, essay, open-response and performance oriented questions. Each week you will receive a uniform grade (Participation Grade). Additionally, you will be tested at the end of each semester over the material you have covered.

    LEADERSHIP / PROMOTION: You will be periodically considered for promotion and leadership positions. Determination of your potential and success as a leader will be a subjective evaluation of your instructor and will be based upon your attitude, conduct, and performance. You will have the opportunity to volunteer to participate in evening and weekend activities. Participating in extra activities is voluntary; however, your ability to participate is based upon your conduct and attitude. These activities will be service learning and leadership development oriented.


    • Basic Command and Staff Principles
    • Celebrating Differences-Culture and Individual Diversity
    • Performance Indicators
    • Negotiating
    • Decision Making and Problem Solving
    • Platoon Drill/Demonstration
    • Taking Charge-Knowing Your Responsibilities as Leader
    • Hunters Education 
    • Becoming a Better Writer
    • Managing Anger
    • Conflict Resolution and Diversity
    • Conflict Mediation
    • Violence Prevention
    • Career Exploration Strategy
    • Career Development Portfolio
    • College Preparation
    • Making the Right Choices
    • Goals and Goal Setting
    • Time Management
    • Mass Inspection
    • Leadership Choices, Decisions and Consequences
    • Cadet Etiquette
    • Ethical Choices, Decisions and Consequences
    • Global Citizenship Choices, Decisions and Consequences
    • Financial Planning
    • Budgeting-Don't Go Broke
    • Saving and Investments - Your Money at Work
    • NEFE Introducing School Fin. Planning Program                                                                                              

    Below is a typical JROTC Class Week

    MONDAY: We do a lesson out of the LET III text book. There are key terms that must be written down and at the end of the lesson there are some lesson review questions that must be answered. This is due before the test is given on Fridays because they can be used as notes for the test.

    TUESDAY: Lesson Review.

    WEDNESDAY: In Ranks Inspection.

    THURSDAY: Physical Training (PT).

    FRIDAY: Test.