• Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the graduation requirements?
    To graduate from Lonoke High School, students must have 22 credits: 4 each of English and Math, 3 each of Science & Social Studies, 1/2 each of P.E., Health, Fine Arts & Oral Communications, and 6 electives 

    What is the Attendance Policy?
    7 unexcused absences result in loss of credit. Please see pages 31-33 in the Student Handbook for more detailed information or call the main office at (501) 676-2476.

    What types of clubs are offered?
    Student Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Future Business Leaders of America, Math Club, Future Farmers of America, National Honor Society, Science Club, Art Club, FCCLA, Spanish Club

    When should I take the ACT/SAT?
    The ACT Assessment® is a national test designed to assess high school students' general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work.  ACT results are accepted by virtually all U.S. colleges and universities.  You may take the ACT Assessment as often as you wish. Most students planning to attend college would take it at the end of their sophomore year through the 1st semester of their senior year, depending on their score and the admission/scholarship requirements of their prospective college. The state of Arkansas pays for high school juniors to take it once. Students on free/reduced lunch can receive 2 fee waivers for the ACT. 

    The SAT I test (commonly referred to as the 'SAT') measures verbal and mathematical reasoning skills students have developed over time and skills they need to be successful academically. Many colleges and universities use the SAT as one indicator among others--class rank, GPA, extracurricular activities, essay, and teacher recommendations--of a student's readiness to do college-level work.  Each of the sections--verbal and math--are scored on a scale of 200 - 800. The scores on these sections are added together to form a composite score. Composite scores can range from 400 - 1600.

    The SAT I test is typically taken by high school juniors and seniors. The test is administered several times a year.  To learn more about the SAT I, to register for the test, or to view sample questions, visit www.collegeboard.com.

    SAT II: Writing test

    Many colleges require or recommend one or more of the SAT II subject tests for admission or placement. These test scores are used in combination with other background information. They provide a dependable measure of your academic achievement, and they are a good predictor of your future performance.  To learn more about the SAT II subject tests, to register for the tests, or to view sample questions, visit www.collegeboard.com.

    What is a student loan? What is a scholarship? When are scholarships are available?
    A student loan is money borrowed from a bank or organization to pay for college or technical school.

    A scholarship is money given by a specific person, group or organization to aid a graduating senior with finances for college or technical school.

    Scholarships are available at various times during the year.  It is best to begin your search for scholarships early and continue throughout the year.

    What is a class rank?
    Your class rank is based on your GPA with regard to your fellow students.  It gives a general idea of your academic standing.

    What is a GPA and why is it important?
    GPA - Grade Point Average.  The GPA, along with standardized test scores (ACT & SAT), is used by colleges to assess whether you meet their admission requirements.  It is also used by scholarship reviewers to determine eligibility.

    How is my GPA calculated?
    Your GPA is calculated on a 4.0 scale: 4 points for an A, 3 for a B, etc.  Add 4 points for every A, 3 for every B, etc., and then divide the total by the number of grades you have.  (Ex. In one semester you should have 6 classes.)  Calculation sheets are provided in the Counselors’ Office

    How many class periods are in one day?
    There are 5 class periods in a regular school day on block scheduling.

    How do I find out what I need to graduate?
    See your counselor for an assessment of your credits.

    If I transfer to another school, will I need more credits to graduate?
    Each school district determines their requirements for graduation.  

    What is the PSAT and why should I take it?
    The Preliminary SAT helps prepare students for the SAT and is the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying test for juniors. Sophomores can take it for practice.

    What is the ASVAB and why should I take it?
    The Armed Services Vocational Battery is used by the military as an entrance exam.  It is a tool to help determine careers in the military. It is offered at Lonoke High School to juniors and seniors. 

    How do I join the military?
    Contact a recruiter or see your counselor to help you make contact with a recruiter.

    As a parent, how do I conference with a teacher?
    E-mail is the fastest way for a teacher to respond, but you may call and leave a message for the teacher to return your call.

    Which Advanced Placement (AP) classes are offered?
    This varies from year to year depending on the faculty and interest. Courses offered include: AP Calculus, AP English Literature & Composition, AP Statistics, AP English Language & Composition, AP U.S. Government, AP U.S. History, AP Chemistry, and AP Environmental Science