Building good eating habits is a surefire way to boost your child's health.  These answers to common questions can help your family make wise decisions when it comes to food choices.
    Parents:  Fill in the month and dates, and keep your child active every day with these fun ideas! 
    Step into the kitchen and prepare your youngster for a lifetime of good eating habits by helping her to enjoy cooking.  She'll find that homemade foods are fun to prepare, can taste better than packaged foods, and are healthier.  Use these tips to get started.
    Television isn't the only thing competing with exercise for children's time and attention these days.  Computers, video games, handheld devices... youngsters are easily drawn into anything with a screen.  
    Try these suggestions for limiting screen time and encouraging active fun for the whole family. 
    When your children open the refrigerator or cupboard, will they find fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks?
    To help your family eat right, you'll want to have the right foods on hand.  Use these tips for easy ways to stock nutritious foods and to make grocery shopping a fun learning experience for your youngsters. 
    We’ve put together this list of ideas for guiding your family through tough times, whether on a national, local, or personal level
    If you choose to send a lunch from home for your child keep the following safety tips in mind.
    Check out these websites to help get better educated concerning food safety and the ever growing childhood obesity problem in our nation