• Instructionon How to Buy Scrapbook

    1.) “Click on Link Below”

    2.) This will take them to see a small preview of the photo book and they will need to register to make their own account or sign in if they are already a customer.

    3.) The next screen will allow the customer/parent to “Make it your own”, this is where they can add other photos and pages, or they can “buy book” which will get them a copy of the exact same book. There is also an option for them to invite other people to view the project that might not have received an invite.

    4.) If the customer/parent wants to make their own copy the next screen will allow them to name the project. Then they can select copy book.

    5.) The next screen will allow them to upload their own images to the project or go straight to editing the book.

    6.) Once the customer/parent uploads their own pictures they can click on “customize book”to edit the book and make it their own.

    7) Follow the rest of the instructions to complete and purchase book.