• What can the Counselor do for me?

    School counselors are trained to provide guidance and counseling services to help students develop academically, personally, and socially. 


    Middle School Counselor:

    ·        Assists parents and teachers in helping children

    ·        Provides individual and small group counseling

    ·        Coordinates school-wide guidance activities

    ·        Consults with outside agencies to provide services for students



    A child may see the counselor for:

    ·        Study skills

    ·        Academic planning and career exploration

    ·        Issues with friends

    ·        Issues with bullies

    ·        New situations

    ·        Difficult decisions

    ·        Success & Accomplishments

    ·        Family Concerns

    ·        Happy occasions

    ·        Dealing with grief, loss, or illness

    ·        Any other area of concern



    How can a student see the counselor?

    ·        Just stop by at non-class time

    ·        Teacher referral

    ·        Administrative referral

    Parental referral (call or email)