What's Happening In Marketing Business Enterprise

  • Google Classroom:

    We will be using Google Classroom. With this tool, I am able to post assignments and announcements in our online classroom. Then, students turn their assignments in using Google Classroom as well. This is accessible to students anywhere they have an internet connection, even on their phones.


    What students are learning:

    Standard One - Students will understand the world of entrepreneurship, business environments and personal characteristics that make successful entrepreneurs.

    1.1 - Demonstrate understanding of the importance of student and professional organizations and of life-long learning as a key factor to long term entrepreneurial success.

    1.2 - Identify and discuss traits of successful entrepreneurs.

    1.3 - Perform self-evaluation and implement a professional improvement plan to further develop entrepreneurial characteristics and behaviors.

    1.4 - Explore and discuss economic and financial factors that affect entrepreneurial success.


    Standard Two - Research, examine, and explain key considerations in marketing the business

    2.1 - Understand the importance of market research and methods for determining a target market, and market segmentation.

    2.2 - Understand the competitive nature of business and how competition affects entrepreneurial decisions.

    2.3 - Understand the impact that business design, layout, location, and planning have on the success of a business venture.

    2.4 - Understand and discuss the elements of the marketing mix and its role in developing an effective marketing plan.


    Standard Three - Understand the steps and key considerations to successful business planning.

    3.1 - Understand and explain the different types of business ownership and regulations that affect business ownership decisions.

    3.2 - Understand the purpose for and develop a business plan. 


    Standard Four - Examine and discuss key considerations in managing human resources.

    4.1 - Understand and discuss issues and concepts related to staffing an organization.

    4.2 - Understand and explain effective employee motivation and training techniques.


    Standard Five - Demonstrate understanding of and apply concepts and skills related to financial management and inventory control of a small business.

    5.1 - Understand, explain, and demonstrate procedures for financing a business start-up and continuing business operations.

    5.2 - Understand the importance of accurate and reliable inventory management processes and procedures.

    5.3 -  Understand and explain the importance of risk management decisions and how risk management is critical to the success of a business.


    Standard Six - Identify and understand concepts and strategies for maintaining business growth & investing wisely for short-term and long-term business success.

    6.1 - Research, identify, and discuss business growth strategies.

    6.2 - Explain the importance of saving and discuss strategies for saving and investing wisely.


    Standard Seven - Understand business technologies that are commonly used by entrepreneurs

    7.1 - Explain hardware and software used for daily business operations.

    7.2 - Explain and analyze the benefits and challenges of electronic commerce.


    Standard Eight - Understand and discuss the legal environment of business operations.

    8.1 - Research and discuss the legal requirements and government regulations affecting business operations.

    8.2 - Discuss the social and environmental responsibility of an organization.


    Standard Nine - Understand principles related to international business operations.

    9.1 - Examine and explain international trends and opportunities.

    9.2 - Identify and discuss cultural considerations that affect international business communication and operations decisions.



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