• Attendance, discipline, and grading procedures will follow the LES handbook.  


    Specific Computer Lab Rules:

    1.  In the computer lab, NO food or drink is tolerated.  
    2.  Students should never touch another student's keyboard, mouse, monitor or CPU.
    3.  Students should never try to get into another student's files that are saved on the computer.
    4.   Students should never print anything from the computer without permission from the teacher.
    5.   Students should never be on another Website or program without permission from the teacher. 
    6.  Students should log off their typing website program and log off the computer before they leave class.
    7.  Students should not talk out loud during class while others are learning.
    These Computer Lab infractions will result in 1-2 Dojo points taken away for the first offense.  Tampering with Computer equipment consequences is in the LES handbook.  Use of expensive computer equipment and the school's access to the web are privileges and should not be abused.