What's Happening in Financial Planning

  • Google Classroom

    We will be using Google Classroom. With this tool, I am able to post assignments and announcements in our online classroom. Then, students turn their assignments in using Google Classroom as well. This is accessible to students anywhere they have an internet connection, even on their phones.

    What Students Are Learning

    1.0 Assess the Role of Money in Financial Literacy

    • 1.1 Assess the role and functions of money in the economy
    • 1.2 Examine the relationship between income and career choice
    • 1.3 Analyze payroll and employment forms
    • 1.4 Assess the role of budgeting in meeting financial goals
    • 1.5 Assess the impact of interest on borrowing and investing

    2.0 Analyze the Services Financial Institutions Provide for Consumers

    • 2.1 Evaluate types of financial institutions and services they provide
    • 2.2 Investigate concepts of credit abuse, fraud, and protection

    3.0 Demonstrate the Ability to Use Credit as a Financial Tool

    • 3.1 Evaluate the use of credit in effective financial management
    • 3.2 Assess the impact of using credit cards to manage credit

    4.0 Evaluate the Use of Insurance for Risk Management

    • 4.1 Understand insurance and risk management concepts
    • 4.2 Investigate types of insurance available in the marketplace

    5.0 Determine the Value and Risk of Investments

    • 5.1 Explore investment services offered by a variety of institutions
    • 5.2 Evaluate the types of investments available in the marketplace

    6.0 Determine Financial Strategies Used to Meet Personal Goals

    • 6.1 Determine financial strategies used to meet long-term financial goals
    • 6.2 Evaluate housing options in relation to achieving financial goals



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