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    Gaurdians & Students,
    Let's Get Fit! Have you signed up for Remind. This is a
    FREE and SAFE way for us to keep in
    contact. Please sign up today!!Here's
    how: Text 703-687-9179. Be sure to
    includethe following message.

    6th period message: @6thnutrwel
    Please use this website to help you during the year! I will
    upload weekly lesson plans. This site is designed for you-
    -so please usei
    Feel free to contact me if you have any
    questions the school
    number is 501-676-2476 and my email is
    This Week Schedule:
    • Monday--Class Introductions, Student Name Tents, and
      Student Profile Page
    • Tuesday--Google Chromebook/Classroom set up and
      FACS Class Syllabus/Supply List
    • Wednesday--Mrs. Wesley's 3 R's--Rules, Rituals, and Routine
      Procedures for Class
    • Thursday--Mrs. Wesley's 3 R's--Rules, Rituals, and
      Procedures for Class;Test tomorrow over
      the 3R's
    • Friday--Test Today over Mrs. Wesley's 3-R's PowerPoint!;
      Register for Remind, School Webpage, SchoolWay,
      and set up Google Drive class Folder

    Mrs. Wesley                   Phone#:501-676-2476            Room 2205