Behavioral Characteristics of a Gifted Student
              Academic Ability

    ·        Masters and recalls material quickly

    ·        Reads often; may read at an advanced level and/or prefer non-fiction

    ·        Has a highly developed vocabulary and the ability to use verbal skills to solve conflicts, influence others, etc.

    ·        Analyzes newly learned material quickly and easily

    ·        Understands relationships of numbers and concepts of time

    ·        Sees cause and effect relationships; wants to know “why” and “how”

    ·        Makes connections between prior knowledge and new information


             Motivational Characteristics

    ·        Ask questions; curious

    ·        Focuses on topics of interest

    ·        Shows interest in adult issues, e.g., religion, politics, etc.

    ·        Is independent and self- assertive

    ·        Has a strong sense of justice

    ·        Can be self-critical; perfectionist


                        Creativity Characteristics

    ·        Is adventurous; risk takers

    ·        Has a mature sense of humor

    ·        Is curious about a wide variety of topics

    ·        Expresses unique artistic perspectives

    ·        Recognizes other points of view