• HELLO Middle School Parents!

    We want you, better yet, we need you to continue to partner with your child's teachers to form a powerful bond for your student.  I know as my two children progressed through school, they didn't want me to even come to school because I might "embarass" them.  But they just had to get over it, because I knew they still needed me to show support for them.

    I am your Parent Facilitator here at Middle School.  Please don't ever hesitate to call me- 676-7015, or email me- holly.dewey@lonokeschools.org if you have a question or concern.  My only request is that you have contacted the teacher or staff member first, if your concern is with them. 

    Did you know....Research tells us that the most accurate indicator of a student's academic success is the extent to which families encourage learning at home and involve themselves in their child's education.  So what will you do to stay involved ?