• greenwaylba

    Beginning Fall 2023, the Lonoke Business Academy will offer students classes in partnership with Greenway Equipment. Greenway is the largest John Deere dealer group in Arkansas and has a strong presence in Missouri. The company forecasts a high demand for trained technicians over the next 10-15 years. This partnership with Lonoke Schools will help meet that demand by training a local workforce while the trainees are still in high school. Lonoke is the first district in the United States to partner with Greenway, an affiliate of John Deere.

    Through the new partnership with Greenway, the Business Academy will offer students the chance to learn about the cutting-edge technology found in John Deere equipment, including Engine Systems, Electrical Systems, Computer Diagnostics, and Hydraulic Systems. Students who complete the Greenway program will then graduate high school with an opportunity to receive certification in Electrical, Hydraulic, Air Conditioning, or Service ADVISOR (the John Deere computer diagnostic tool). Those certifications will allow graduates to move from high school into the workforce.