Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies!
     Mrs. Huffer's  Class
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    Your 8th Grade Social Studies Class will help prepare you for your adult life
    as a U.S. Citizen!
    8th Grade Social Studies Class is divided into two sections.  The first-semester course will be
    Arkansas History 
                                                                                                          followed second semester by  
    American History 1800-1900.  


    During the first semester, you will study and complete projects to deepen your knowledge of our state's early settlement, foundation, development, and continued growth.  You will also broaden your understanding of your rights as a citizen of the great state of Arkansas and how those rights came to be granted to you.


    Second semester, you will delve into a tumultuous period of history in the United States.  You will explore the history of U.S. society, politics, economy and growth beginning in the years leading up to the civil war, through reconstruction, and the onset of the industrial revolution.  You will explore events/movements that shaped the society that we live in today.  You will also become more aware of the differences between privileges and rights that are guaranteed to you as a citizen by the Constitution of the United States of America.US
    Welcome to 
    Mrs. Huffer's Class!
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    What will we be working on?
    Chapter 6 Vocabulary Quiz Monday, Nov. 18th!
    Complete Research Paper and Artistic Insert
    for the Governor of Arkansas Research Project
    History Update Sign Up Sheet  
    Study Hard
     This Week's Reading Requirements
    Chapter 1 pages 3-21.


     Arkansas Journey History Book
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