• Vision Statement: Our vision is to create learning experiences that prepare graduates to be responsible members of society with marketable job skills in a global economy. We will accomplish this in the following manner:
    All students will be valued as contributing members of the learning process in every classroom, every day.

    All activities and systems of support will be designed to encourage the well-being of every student, including their social, emotional, and academic growth.

    Faculty and staff will model responsible citizenship and will guide students to accept increasing responsibility for their learning, decisions, and actions in order to become responsible citizens.

    All teaching and learning sequences will reflect attention to research-based practices, including but not limited to student engagement in relevant learning experiences that encourage critical thinking and problem solving, attention to diverse learning styles, cooperative learning, and differentiation to account for individual differences, interests, and abilities.

    Instructional practice will be intentional, aligned to state standards, and will reflect the integration of technology to support outcomes.

    Assessments of learning will be frequent, on-going, and used as a means to provide substantive feedback to students and teachers for improvement.

    Curriculum, instruction, and assessment will reflect commitment to innovative practice and continuous improvement.
    Personnel will work collaboratively across schools to scaffold learning experiences for all students.