Parent Center

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    PARENT INVOLVEMENT is the key to student success. The research is overwhelmingly clear: When parents play a positive role in their children’s education, children can do better in school. Major benefits of parent involvement include higher grades and test scores, positive attitudes and behavior, more successful academic programs and more effective schools.

    Please come by the Parent Center located at each school and you can learn many ways to become involved in your child’s education at all grade levels. If your child is having a problem in a class, each school's parent facilitator will be happy to help you find techniques and/or strategies to help your child become more successful. Perhaps you would be interested in volunteering at your child’s school. The School District welcomes your services either directly (involves more hands-on work with students such as tutoring or reading to the students) or indirectly (support jobs such as copying papers, fund raising, bulletin boards). We look forward to hearing from you!
    Parent Facilitators:
    Primary School - Sydnee Gann
    Elementary School - Kala Raper
    Middle School - Kaleigh Huff
    High School - Lauren Henderson