Welcome parents, students, and faculty. The acronym CORE stands for Committed to Other Routes of Education. CORE is an alternative learning environment that seeks to eliminate traditional barriers to learning for students whose academic and social progress are negatively affected by the student’s personal characteristics or situation. CORE is an intervention program that is conducive to learning in a non-punitive environment.
    To be eligible for enrollment into the CORE Program, students must present with situations or characteristics that negatively affect academic and social progress and often demonstrate at risk characteristics of personal or family problems, recurring absenteeism, drop out from school, or concerns with behaviors that disrupt the learning process of self and others. When a student is referred to CORE, a committee is forms that consists of a school counselor, building principal or assistant, one or more the student’s regular teachers, parent/guardian, student, special education or 504 representative (if applicable), ALE principal/designee, and others as deemed appropriate to provide information and input regarding the student and his/her situation. CORE placement can be for one semester, a school year, or longer, as deemed appropriate for the student through CORE staff progress monitoring.
    All teachers are licensed by the State of Arkansas and meet the definition of highly qualified for instructional purposes. All teachers are provided on-going professional development in curriculum and behavioral interventions. English, Literacy, Math, Social Studies/ History, and Science instruction are provided to students. Students have access to and some instruction on computers. Credit recovery may be offered if a student has taken a course and failed to pass the course (at the discretion of the principal). Students are provided instruction in social skills and use a point/level system to demonstrate competency in social, emotional, and academic development.