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    Name: Rachel Whittenburg   
    Email Address: rachel.whittenburg@lonokeschools.org
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    Hello!  Welcome to the Lonoke Choir Page.  I am so excited to be teaching your child.  I truly believe that music  is very important in each and every students education.  In my class we have fun, learn responsibility, and make great music!
    A little about myself.  I am an alumni of Lonoke High School.  I graduated in 2002.  I have been teaching 5 years in the Lonoke School District.  Music is my passion and I try to convey that in my teaching every day.  My Husband is Justin Whittenburg and I also have two children Jacob who is 11 and Katie Beth who is 8.  My hobbies are singing (of course!), reading, painting, exercising, and spending time with my family.  I love chocolate, it is my FAVORITE food, along with pizza.  I also love to watch movies.  
    If you every have any questions please feel free to email me at rachel.whittenburg@lonokeschools.org
     I don't sing because I am happy
    I am happy because I sing.
                                ~ William James
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