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    Name: Ashli Stivers   
    Email Address: ashli.stivers@lonokeschools.org
    Phone number: 501-676-2476

     This is my fourth year teaching at Lonoke High School, and my fifth year teaching overall. I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science degree.
    Digital Communications III/IV are hands-on classes that incorporate layout and design, photography, image editing, web design, audio, animation, and video.  Students will create various projects throughout each semester, and they will take an end of course exam upon completion of DCIV in the spring.
    Financial Literacy/ Investments and Securities are classes focused on helping teach students basic money skills. Students will learn how to budget, save money, pay for college, and how to save and invest for retirement. 
    Marketing students will find out what it takes to market a product or service in today's fast-paced business environment. Students will learn the fundamentals of marketing using real-world business examples. Students will learn about buyer behavior, marketing research principles, demand analysis, distribution, financing, pricing, and product management.
    Social Media & Communications is a project-based course that enhances technology skills, job search and employability skills along with communication skills. Students will create an online electronic career portfolio focused on an individual career path, create social media and viral marketing campaigns, participate in video conferencing, cloud-based collaboration, and learn and practice other workplace related communication technologies and channels. Students will apply verbal and nonverbal communication skills related to both spoken and written communications; technology will be used to enhance these skills. Productivity programs and apps will be used to teach time management, organization and collaboration skills, cloud storage and computing. Students will also create career-related documents according to professional layout and design principles, and will also learn the photo and video editing skills needed to create promotional and informational business communications and viral marketing campaigns.
    For more information on your child's class, please see the class page and the course syllabus. Don't forget to sign up for SchoolWay notifications for you child's class. Reminders may be sent out about quizzes, projects, tests, etc. 



Mrs. Stivers