• The Lonoke School District has enjoyed an exceptional and rich tradition of excellence for many decades. Academic and athletic achievements over the past several years have been and continue to be the result of outstanding community efforts and business partnerships designed to provide the best educational experiences for all students. The District's facilities master plan, future programming goals, and learning services provided by outstanding educators, support staff, and administrators demonstrate the support of the community, school board, administration, and all staff members to create an environment that provides all students with the academic skills and responsible citizenship needed to be competitive in the 21st century. The new LHS addition project reflects several years of planning to provide the best academic facility for our high school students. The two-story, 73,982 sq. ft. complex houses over 30 academic spaces with an infrastructure to support 21st century teaching and learning experiences. The arches in the design reflect an appreciation for the beauty of the former high school and the tradition it represents. The State Facilities Division entered into a financial partnership with the District and agreed to pay 55% of the total projected cost of the $9.3 million building. The school district generated its $4.1 million share of the project from the revenue generated by second lien bonds. The project began February 2010 with a completion date of August 2011. The District is thankful to the state for its assistance and to local patrons for the continued support needed to advance our students well into the future.
    "The new Lonoke High School"

    science building

    “Former high school Science Building, first constructed as an elementary school in 1932.
    Site of new high school addition.”
    high school
    “LHS alumni walk and landmark high school, constructed in 1936.”