• Welcome to Geography!!!

    Name: Chris Yielding
    Email Address: chris.yielding@lonokeschools.org
    Phone number: 501-676-6670

    I am so excited to be teaching at Lonoke this year!  I have been coaching for the previous 8 years, but have decided to focus on the classroom going forward.  I have a great family with my wife Winter and our 3 wonderful children, Abigail, Audrey, and Lucas.
    I am looking forward to a great school year this year and look forward to getting to know my students.  It is going to be a fun year!  If you ever have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to call or email me!
    One thing that we will be doing this year in Geography will be in our online classroom on Google Classroom.  As of now, Google Classroom is set up to where only the students can have access to the online classroom, not the parents.  They told me that this fall, at some point, they will be adding a parent access link to the classroom where parents can see what we are doing in the class.  We will begin soon with the online classroom, and once they set the parent link up, I will post that link on here.  But until then I will keep the weekly assignments and lesson plans up to date so that you can keep up with what we are doing in Geography.   

    Chris Yielding