• English as a Second Language

    English Language Learners (ELLs)

    English language learners are students identified by the State Board of Education as not proficient in the English language based upon the English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA). ELPA is a federally-mandated English proficiency test that is administered yearly in the spring. The assessment measures listening comprehension, oral language development, and reading and writing proficiency.

    Lonoke’s ESL Program

    English as a second language (ESL) is instruction for students who do not speak English or do not understand English well enough to succeed in the regular classroom without additional support. Our district currently has 116 ELLs in Pre-K through 12th.   

    Lonoke School District currently has ESL certified teachers on each campus, an ESL paraprofessional and a Migrant Paraprofessional.  They aid the students in acquiring basic communication skills and academic language proficiency in order to ensure success in school and proficiency in the English language.

    The ESL Department stays current on scientifically based research pertaining to ELLs by attending local, state and national conferences. Whenever possible, we include regular classroom teachers allowing them the opportunity to learn firsthand methodology and techniques to use in their classroom with ELLs.

    Exiting ESL

    When a student is exited from the program, he or she is placed on Monitor Status for four years to ensure he or she is ready to work on his or her own. Students are allowed to exit the ESL program when they meet criteria as mandated by the state of Arkansas, which includes:

    • Fluent English Proficiency based on approved language proficiency test (ELPA21). The student must score a composite score of 3.
    • Performance of a C or above on all subjects
    • Performance of 40th percentile or above on standardized achievement tests
    • Informal assessment suggesting that the student is proficient in the use of the English Language and has the ability to be academically successful (Language Assessment Scales)
    • Student moves to another district or state
    • Parents decide they do not want ESL services
    • Other reasons pending a case by case assessment

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    Melissa Edwards

    ELL Coordinator

    (501) 676-6981