• Lonoke High School Counseling Center
    405 West Academy
    Lonoke, AR  72086

    501.676.7061 Fax: 501.676.3716

    Raegan Ellen, Counselor

    Callie Tidwell, Secretary

    Lonoke Jackrabbits Lonoke JackrabbitsLonoke Jackrabbits

     Lonoke High School is an ACT Testing Site!  Our ACT Code for the test center is 235900.  It can also be found on the ACT Website.  The test will be given in the main high school building.
    Please keep in mind that students are responsible for confirming that all eligibility requirements are met for scholarships and/or NCAA Clearinghouse.  This includes, but is not limited to, deadlines, other required documents and course requirements.
    Lonoke High School Bell Schedule
    First Lunch
    Second Lunch
    1st Period--8:05-8:55
    1st Period--8:00-8:45
    2nd Chance Breakfast -- 8:55-9:00 2nd Chance Breakfast -- 8:55-9:00
    2nd Period--9:05-9:55
    2nd Period--9:05-9:55
    3rd Period--10:00-10:50
    3rd Period--10:00-10:50
    1st Lunch -- 10:55-11:25
    4th Period--10:55-11:45
    4th period 11:30-12:20
    2nd Lunch--11:50-12:20
    5th Period--12:25-1:15
    5th Period--12:25-1:15
    6th Period--1:20-2:20
    6th Period--12:45-1:30
    7th Period--2:15-3:05
    7th Period--1:35-2:20
    Advisory -- 3:05-3:30
    8th period--2:25-3:10
    Need a Transcript: Contact the Lonoke High School Counseling Center 501.676.7061
    DROP FORMS: Advanced Placement Drop Form or Pre-Advanced Placement Drop Form