Need help finding a book like the one you just read? Try these helpful sites:
     Vote for this year's Teen Book Award! Click here.
     If you would like to recommend a new book title for the high school library, send an email to Mrs. Hobson and your suggestion will be considered. 
    Thesis statements can be tricky.  Here is some helpful information. 
    Need help with Google?  Getting too many unwanted hits?  Try these tips
    Try out Grafiti Creator. 
    Be sure to get those books turned in! 
    So, you like a certain author but have already read everything in the library by that author. Try Literature Map to find similar authors. 
    Bullying is NOT COOL!! Check out this website to see what can be done. 
    The winners of this year's Teen Book Award can be found here.  Both of these books are available in the LHS library.
    Here's a great new site.  It's called Learning Express.  It provides digital access to materials to help with basic skills, computer applications, practice tests for the ACT and AP courses, and information about many different careers. 

    Need help studying for the ACT?  Click here for help.

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    Buy yours before they're gone!
    Do you like the Bluford Series?  You may also enjoy listening to their audiobooks for free:  Click here.


    Are you interested in finding free or inexpensive ebooks? Check out this link.

    Go on a Virtual Tour of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History:  http://www.mnh.si.edu/vtp/1-desktop/

    It is the goal of the Lonoke High School Library Media Center to help all students become lifelong learners by providing the resources needed for research and pleasure reading.  We offer a pleasant atmosphere conducive to learning. 
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