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    Hello ! Welcome to Ms. Graham'sWebpage!


    Name: Catherine M. Graham
    Email Address: catherine.graham@lonokeschools.org

    Welcome to my webpage.  Feel free to explore. 
    I teach Computer Business Applications, Computerized Accounting I and Computerized Accounting II.

    Student Supply List

    CBA Students – Students must bring their pocket folder to class daily. 

    - Pocket Folder with  notebook paper
    - Pencil or pen

    Accounting Students
    – Students must bring the following items to class daily.
    - Fine point mechanical pencil
    - Large eraser
    - Simple calculator
    - Small binder ½” with notebook paper
    - Small ruler

    Things parents should know:  I key the assignment into the gradebook usually several days before it is due and indicate the due date.  For tests, I key in the assignment several days in advance so you will know there is an upcoming test.  On the night before the test, the students will come home with their binder full of graded and corrected assignments including but not limited to Study Guides, Review Questions, Quizzes, Vocabulary Review and Classroom Daily Work.  These items are for you to review and the student to study.  All items are to be returned to the teacher on the day of the test.

    Check you students grades often for upcoming or missing assignments.  The student has 1 day for every day absent to make up work.  If I have given back the papers and gone over the correct answers, the student MAY NOT turn it in for a grade.  I make myself available to my students for make-up work before school, lunch, or after school.

    I ask parents and students both to get the mobile app. "school way" myschoolway.com.  
    Choose your teachers, specific classes and clubs.  I will send out notifications of upcoming events, test, and deadlines.  
    I am also an adviser for FBLA.  We will use School Way and Remind 101 to notify students of events and deadlines. 
    Lesson Plan Link: 
    Feel free to contact me through my school e-mail at catherine.graham@lonokeschools.org.
    I look forward to a great year.  
    Catherine M. Graham 



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