• Maintenance
    Duane Peckat
    Director of Maintenance
    Email: Duane Peckat

      Directions for Using SchoolDude for Maintenance Request

    Use this link to access SchoolDude to submit a maintenance request.  This is for any work you are requesting be done by the Maintenance Department.  Open your Internet Browser and type in www.myschoolbuilding.com in the address bar and Enter or click on GO.

    1.      The first screen will ask for your organization’s account number – enter 992195328, then click Submit.  You will only have to do this once.

    2.      Enter your school email and click on Submit.  If it’s correct it will open the form to submit a maintenance request.

    3.      When you log in, click on the Maintenance tab at the top and fill out the form.

    4.      The submittal password is the same as for the transportation request – jackrabbit.

    ·         Your Requestor role now requires an individual password to log into MySchoolBuilding.

    ·         This individual password is in addition to the Submittal Password used to submit requests.

    ·         If you have previously submitted requests, you DO NOT need to register.

    ·         If you do not know your individual password, click on FORGOT PASSWORD?

    and enter your email address; you will receive an email to create a new password.

    ·         If you already have an individual password, enter your Email and Password and click on Sign In.

    ·         Questions? Please review SchoolDude’s resource page with FAQS, guides, and video tutorials.

    5.      You will receive an email when your maintenance request is submitted. 

    6.      To check the status of your maintenance request, click on My Requests tab at the top.


    DO NOT stop the maintenance workers in hallways, etc. to give them a verbal request.  All requests should be entered through MySchoolBuilding.