• Math Club

    Mission Statement: The mission of the math club is for members to engage in extracurricular mathematical-related activities such as preparation and participation in mathematical contests as well as visits to points of mathematical significance and attendance of professional seminars, tours, meetings and lectures, to foster a means of support and interaction among students interested in mathematics, and to engage in community service.


    Activities Include:

    Blood Drives- We will have three blood drives this year, one in August, one in October, and one in February!! All units donated go towards our goal for our seniors to get scholarship money for college! Please be a part again this year and help reach our goal!! Lonoke is Amazing at coming together to help others!

    Math Competition- Students take a test on their level of math along with other students from all over the state competing to see who does the best. Winners go to the state competition in April. *UPDATE! - math competition is to be announced. Permission slips will be going home for students that are interested in going. If your child does not bring one then they did not sign up or show interest in going. All students in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre Calculus/Trig, Statistics, and Calculus can go! This is something your child can put on a college application as an activity in high school! 

    Teacher Luncheon- Students from math and Spanish club work together to give the teachers at the high school a lunch to show all of our appreciation for the things they do. We are also going to do a luncheon near the end of the year to show teacher just how much we appreciate them! The second luncheon will be sandwiches and chips. 

    Membership: Math Club Membership is open to any LHS student. If your child is a member then going to math competition is free! If not a member it will cost them $2.00 for registration! Math Club dues are $5.00. Thanks! 

    Meeting dates: 

    September 2, October 7, November 11, December 2, January 6, February 3, March 2, April 13, and May 4
    Our next Blood Drive is tentatively set for February 26!!! Invite everyone to come so that we can beat our goal! 

    March 5th is the math competition at Harding University. If you are wanting to go you will need to get a permission slip from me and a practice test to practice on. Thanks!