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Now Accepting Applications for School Choice Enrollment

We Are Now Accepting Applications for School Choice Enrollment

We appreciate your interest in the Lonoke Public School District.  We believe in connecting our students with their interests, passions, and future aspirations.  Programming in each of our schools reflects our collective belief in student ownership for learning, rigor, and preparation for college and careers.  Even if you don’t live in the Lonoke Public School District, you and your family can be part of this exceptional school system!

Students in our Primary School (Pre-K-2), Elementary School (3-5), Middle School (6-8), and High School (9-12) engage in hands-on, real-world learning experiences through STEM labs, classroom instruction, and competitive events.  Our four schools are close in proximity making it easy for parents to interact with teachers, staff, and children.  Relationship-building is a key component of all the services we offer.  Your child is not just a number in the Lonoke Public School District.

A firm foundation begins at our Primary School with a strong emphasis on reading and mathematical problem solving.  Opportunities for increasingly rigorous coursework are available as our students move throughout our school system. 

Lonoke represents a city and a school system that has a growing vision for the future, and the energy that comes with it is far-reaching.  Students in our schools are being encouraged and supported to map their future in collaboration with parents and teachers.  Multiple pathways are available to align student interest with college and career goals. Students who have mastered content are permitted to accelerate through the curriculum, while others who need additional assistance are given academic support until mastery is achieved.  Lonoke School District offers a growing list of options for concurrent credit at a fraction of the cost of on campus college tuition. Partnerships with multiple businesses and organizations, a career-focused Business Academy, and access to professionals in the workforce ensure that students have opportunities to acquire market-driven connections and skills.

We are currently accepting School Choice applications.  The deadline to apply is May 1st, 2021.  Click to download the School Choice application.

Once completed, bring it by in person, or mail it to the Lonoke Public Schools Administration, 401 W. Holly Street, Lonoke, AR 72086.

Applications must be received or postmarked by May 1st, 2021.