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LPSD Pictures Now On SmugMug



Social media sites limit the number of photos that we can share in one post. Fortunately, SmugMug offers us a way to "photo dump" - and give you ALL the pictures! Parents and teachers can now download pictures of their students for safe keeping, all in a high resolution (No more Facebook screenshots! Yay!). You can even select photos and order a photo album on SmugMug!

How do I see photos on SmugMug?
You can either...
1. Download the SmugMug app and click on "Find Photographers"... then click the "+" in the top right corner and search for LPSD. Once you click on "Lonoke Public School District," it will put our page under the pages you're following!
2. Visit -- the direct link to our page.

Why isn't my child in any pictures?
If your child is not willing to take pictures or does not like having their photo taken, we won't make them. There's also a chance we didn't make it to their class for photos. We will also make sure your child is not pictured if you did not consent to have them published on the district website or social media.

How do I put my pictures on SmugMug?
If you have pictures from a district event, send them to our Communication Director Rachel Starks at -- and she will make sure they are an appropriate resolution and file type, and that they don't include any students who should not be published. Once the pictures have been reviewed, they will be shared on SmugMug!

How are the photos organized on SmugMug?
The photo folders are first organized by school, then by school year, then by event. If there are any big, recurring events that are district-wide, those events get their own folders on the main site page. If you have trouble finding event photos, you can send questions to our Communication Director Rachel Starks at -- and she will try to find what you're looking for.

Please note that SmugMug is still updated by imperfect people and will not have everything you're looking for. While we will try to upload as many pictures as possible, there is a chance we will not be at every event. It is also possible for us to miss big moments, so please don't count on us to capture all of your important family memories. Thanks for being patient with us and for working with us to make LPSD an awesome place to work and learn!!