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Carver Alumni Association Opens Resource Center

The Carver Alumni Association opened the new Carver Resource Center in the recently renovated Carver Building. Some may recognize the building as the old Lonoke Middle School annex.

The Carver Resource Center is home to the Carver Alumni Association (CAA). The George Washington Carver School, formerly Lonoke Colored School, served African American students in Lonoke from the late 1800's until 1970. The school's motto, "Education is the Road to Success," inspired students to seek higher levels of achievement. At the Resource Center, the CAA will continue the legacy of the George Washington Carver School by sharing the values that were an integral part of the Carver educational experience. The Resource Center will be a link between community members and services in Lonoke.

CAA currently hosts several annual events, including a Back-to-School event, which provides school supplies for local children; a Black History Month Celebration & Banquet; and a Juneteenth Celebration. They also plan to offer a mentor program, focusing on reading at Lonoke Elementary School and an ACT Boot Camp for High School students.

CAA goals are to:

  • Obtain funding to staff the Resource Center.
  • Develop connections to schools, churches, and residents of Lonoke to provide needed resources.
  • Partner with Lonoke Public Schools to support the academic, social-emotional and leadership development of student

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