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LPSD Takes The Great Kindness Challenge 2023


LPSD students will join 15 million youth in 115 countries to create a kinder world.

The world could use some extra kindness right now and LPSD is going to deliver! The Lonoke Public School District will participate in the 12th annual Great Kindness Challenge the week of January 23-27, 2023 and we enthusiastically invite our entire community to join in and cheer them on!

The Great Kindness Challenge, presented by the global nonprofit Kids for Peace, was launched to address bullying and to foster connection, inclusion, and compassion. Jill McManigal, co-founder and executive director of Kids for Peace, explains, "With many people feeling that our country is more divided than ever, there is a great need for unity, compassion, love and respect in our schools, communities, country and world.

The Great Kindness Challenge provides students with the tools, opportunity and encouragement to actively create a positive, happy, and inclusive culture for all. Schools and students are drawn to the program for its positive and proactive approach to creating kinder school climates through a simple checklist of intentional acts of kindness.

Students will be encouraged to complete each kind act over the course of the week. Some of the items on the checklist are:

  1. Smile at 25 people
  2. Help your teacher with a needed task
  3. Sit with a new group of kids at lunch

Big or small, every act of kindness makes a difference! Let's all help make a positive difference. Let's join together, lift each other up, cheer each other on, and do our part to create a kinder and more compassionate world.

About The Great Kindness Challenge:
The Great Kindness Challenge is a positive and uplifting program that creates a culture of kindness in schools, communities, and the world. Using a kindness checklist, schools and families are challenged to complete as many acts of kindness as possible. The School Edition is an annual one-week celebration during the last week of January.