In Town Bus Route

New In-Town Bus Route Starts September 8th

Listed below are the designated bus stops.  The times listed are approximate and are subject to change depending on the number of students riding.

Please read this information sheet for more information

902 N. Center (CAPDD Parking Lot)-6:55

1219 Barnes St. (Donut Palace)–7:00

421 Eagle St. (Apostolic Church)-7:05

Jacuzzi Ln (Studio J Parking Lot)-7:10

407 E. Front St. (Bumper to Bumper)-7:15

406 Front St. (Lonoke Baptist Church)-7:20

Corner W. Ash & S. Center -7:25

     (Parking lot between Methodist Church and Food Bank)

Corner Brown St. & E. Palm St. -7:30

Corner Woodlawn & Chestnut St.-7:35

Corner Woodlawn & Privett Pk.-7:35

Corner Woodlawn & Highridge Dr.-7:35

Corner Woodlawn & Sunset Lp.-7:35

Procedures and Sign Up Sheet 

If you have questions, please call the Transportation Department at