• The safety and well-being of our students is of the utmost importance to our administrators, faculty, and staff. Our faculty and staff are trained in proper procedures in case of an emergency at school. Procedures include:
    Fire Drills
    Fire drills will be held monthly. Exit charts are on display in all classrooms. The local administration will identify the signal for the fire drill. Upon hearing the signal, all students are expected to file quietly from the building to the designated areas. The "all clear" signal will follow the drill. The Fire Marshals are in charge of all fire drills and their instructions will be followed without any questions during the fire drill or in the case of a real fire emergency.
    Tornado Drills
    The alarm for a tornado will be identified by the administration at each school. If the power is off, staff/students will be notified by the principal as to what procedures to follow. Upon hearing the signal for a tornado drill, students are to proceed to designated areas. Students will stay in those areas until the principal announces it is safe to return to the classroom. As per Act 825, drills will occur four times per year in September, October, January, and February.